Thursday, December 28, 2006

Morph the Cat

I've been meaning to post about Donald Fagen's recent offering, Morph the Cat.

When I first spun it up, I liked it, but wasn't blown away. Yet "Morph" proved to be one of the albums that "snuck up on me." I kept humming the tunes. I kept putting it back on the player. Finally, I played it twice in a row, which means I really, really like it, Sally.

I think it's one of the best things he's done since Steely Dan closed up shop for awhile in the early 80s after Gaucho. I've dug the occasional tune, like "Cousin Dupree," and of course The Nightfly was all-around good. I just think this is better.

Terry Teachout has mentioned it a few times as a great album, so I'm basically seconding his (e)motion.

Now, if you decide to get it, let me implore you to get the version I linked to above that includes a DVD version of the album in addition to the CD. This is a new and very welcome trend. The Beatles have done it with their recent Love mash-up. I think this is gonna be the way the industry goes, rather than DualDiscs, which don't fit in those slot-loading players.

I recommend that every time you are going to buy an album, see if they have the DVD combo. The sound is nothing short of stunning. If you've not treated yourself to one of these discs, you should.


Anonymous said...

I believe I'll third Terry's (and yours) emotion - Morph is the disc that got the most play in our house. I should mention, however, that it's created a dividing line in our family: my younger daughter lights up when she hears the opening bass-hook; my older daughter shrieks and runs from the room.

The DVD sound is pretty delicious, as you say. If I'm not mistaken, Fagen has said he's hoping to give his two earlier solo albums a similar sound touch-up, and re-release the lot as a trilogy. If that is indeed the case, I can't wait. I'm downright irrational when it comes to The Nightfly.

Yahmdallah said...

I hear that. While hunting down the link for this post, I found they released two of the old Steely Dans in SACD format. I don't have an SACD player and prolly never will, but the CD remastering on those is remarkable. I'm trying to resist the purchase.