Friday, December 08, 2006

Mr. "Purple" Nirpal
offers some opine on "How feminism destroyed real men."

Here's an excerpt:
"The female orgasm is the natural mechanism by which men assert dominion over women: a man who appreciates this can negotiate whatever difficulties arise in his relationships with them.

Last Christmas, my wife threw me out after discovering I'd been cheating on her. On the night we got back together, I made strong, passionate love to her. Unfaithful as I'd been, I was not going to let her have me over a barrel for the rest of our marriage. I needed to keep a sense of self and not allow her to mire me in guilt and a desperate quest of forgiveness."

This dude is confusing being a mean bastard with having strength. Real men don't cheat on their wives or have to play wolf pack dominance games to be good in bed.

Y'know, I'll readily agree that what gender feminism proffers as "the sensitive, new-age man" is silly at best and disastrous at worst, because the punchline is that nearly none of those kind of women want men in the first place.

But this guy was exactly the type shithead who helped put those goofy ideas in their man-hating heads in the first place (and in cases like Purple Nirpal here, it's justified).

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