Friday, June 29, 2007

Out there, somewhere

Links and stuff to stuff and links. I've been collecting these for a bit, so I don't have credits for where I found them, most humble apologies. My sources are usually Digg,, or Stumbleupon.

- Interesting factoid

- Vibrator Found In Unconscious Hit And Run Victim. (And they mystery as to why she stepped out in front of a moving car is solved as well.)

- Mesmerizing morph of paintings of women.

- Terrible (or great) place names

- This says it all - The Royal Fart

- Which, by the way, allows me to plug one of the best kid's books ever: Good Families Don't by Robert Munsch. Btw, if you want to read this online right now, this is one of those that lets you search. Since "fart" appears on every page, searching for that word effectively lets you read the book.

- I'm not a Sopranos fan, so all the recent hoopola about the ending (or the non-ending) is lost on me. But, if you are a fan, the Hillary Clinton campaign spoofs the final scene in the unveiling of their campaign song. Even though I don't get the references, I think it's clever. (Don't consider this an endorsement. I think if Hillary gets the nomination, we'll have 4 more years of Republicans.)

- Something I've been looking for since the web started getting content other than vanity pages with garish backgrounds and animated GIFs: Book summaries!

- Heck, if you want to read the real thing, this guy lets you borrow some of his ebooks.

- This is a tad NSFW, but talk about PWNED!

- Finally, caption this:

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