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Rolling Stone’s 25 Greatest Songs Off Bad Albums I agree with every selection in this article.

My Scottish blood asserts itself strongest during purchases of artistic products, and while I loved the song "Wild, Wild Life," a listen at a friend's house gave me the impression that the album itself did SUQ. For years, I'd find the album in remainder bins, making the song only about $3, but I was stubborn enough to wait for a hits package years later. When I did find it, it was used copy for $8, plus all the other great studio versions of Talking Heads songs. For the record, though, their only true opus is the live Stop Making Sense album - both the CD and DVD.

I got a $1 copy of the Queen album, and it was pressed really oddly. It sounded terrible. So I had to wait for an anthology later just to hear the song in a good version.

The trick, as noted, is to find a good compilation with these songs on them. Nearly all of them have been included on a superior set.

The Allmusic guide is particularly effective at locating songs on compilations.

This is a hoot. A Creationism museum.

It's located right next to the holocaust denial museum, which of course has one room and with a placard on the wall explaining that the holocaust never happened, which is lit by a Nazi lamp made of human skin, which itself has a placard saying that though DNA analysis appears to show that the lamp is made of human skin, and has genetic markers common to Jewish ancestry, the museum is of the opinion the sample was tainted by a clumsy Jewish lab technician and the shade is really just cowhide. Really. For honest and true.

15 Reasons Mister Rogers Was the Best Neighbor Ever. One of my favorite reasons: "He Saved Both Public Television and the VCR." Though I wonder why "He Watched His Figure to the Pound!" counts as being a good neighbor. Bob Keeshan aka. Captain Kangaroo was also a very good man, but a little portly. Is that really bad?

Here's a nice little article on Sgt. Pepper's

Yes, all we fanboys loves ourselves some brass slave bikini. I'm puzzled yet thrilled that so many women seem to find it fun to try one on (tortured grammar and all).

Originally uploaded by bonniegrrl.

Even Jennifer Aniston famously had a go at it.

Could this be the iconic image for my generation, in the same way that famous Marilyn Monroe shot of her dress poofing up was for another?

Oddly enough, in researching this post I've discovered one of the few holes in the internet. There does not exist one picture of Christina Pickles (Ross' mom) in the Leia costume, which is sad because it was a truly great moment. And she looked hot. (If anyone can provide a screen shot to me so I can amend this travesty, please send to my email or link to it in a comment.)

Catch 22 sucks. (Via 2Blowhards)

'Tis true. This is one of the few books I've abandoned. Like the guy in the post noted, it's funny at first, but then it starts retreading its own jokes pretty quickly.

Luckily, I had seen the much superior movie prior to attempting the book, so I knew I wasn't really missing anything by deciding to spend my time on something more worthwhile.

Though the whole movie is highly enjoyable, the one extended scene where the bombers take off is truly a cinematic highlight that all buffs should have committed to their gray matter. Also, this is NOT a movie for kids. Besides all the adult humor, it has one of the most graphic (but funny) death scenes ever shot - even considering the canon of Tarantino.

Make sure you check out the interesting Catch 22 trivia on Simon and Garfunkel.

The Coolest Picture Ever, says the label. I think it's pretty spectacular myself.

Finally, in the "Some days you're the bug, some days you're the windshield" Dept.:

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