Friday, May 16, 2008

Necons in a Nutshell, by Ron Paul

A must see:

And it's always good to mix in a little comedy with your tragedy; keeps ya human.
Audio NSFW - put yer headphones on.
Bill O'Reilly flipout, the Dance Remix:

Btw, the backstory to this is O'Reilly was supposed to do a lead-out at the end of the show to a Sting video. Apparently the teleprompter was blank, and he didn't understand the term "lead-out". He was so mad he couldn't tape the scripted words, so he just used his own words and did it live. I think O'Reilly's a jerk, but in this case, I do think he was in a tough spot as the clock was ticking.

IMVHO, O'Reilly's a man who could benefit greatly about having a sense of humor about himself. If he laughed at his own gaffes rather than paddle down denial, he'd have a bit more credibility. Not that I want this guy having credibility.

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