Friday, May 16, 2008

Really Obscene Songs

My first encounter with a really dirty song was at church camp of all places. The song was kind of a bar-band bash-fest (not all that good, in other words), but the end of the chorus was, "So fuck you!" The guy who brought it set it out on the porch of his cabin and cranked it up. I think it played 3 times before the counselors leapt forward and silenced it.

Then there was the close call with Get The Funk Out Ma Face, but it doesn't really count.

Next was a tape of NWA's first album, found in a parking lot by my roommate. We had no idea who it was, and since it was on an unlabeled cassette, we just assumed it was a bunch of goofballs swearing as much as they could. I was shocked to found out it was a commercial release.

Then there's the song "Crazy Bitch" by Buck Cherry. I made an expurgated version of the song because my 11-year-old was dying to hear it after seeing my reaction and my wife's. It's even funnier, because it sounds like Monty Python's "I Bet You They Won't Play This Song On The Radio".

Then, I happened across the below - need I say NSFW - on the great, can't recommend it enough, online version of Cracked magazine (meaning I'm recommending the magazine, not this song necessarily):

I doubt this one can be topped. I hope it can't.

My reason for posting this? Nothing other than an unfortunate Beavis and Butthead-like motivation - in that it makes me giggle.


Seven Years of College Down the Drain said...

I could be wrong, but I believe the song you encountered at the church camp is Harry Nilsson's "You're Breaking My Heart"

Yahmdallah said...

As a fan, I'll have to hunt it down and see! Thanks!

Anonymous said...

For your collection: Asylum Street Spankers and the pussy song.

They also have The Scrotum Song on youtube.