Monday, June 30, 2003


In high school I won entry into a writing contest, which consisted of two pieces: one written in advance, the other written "live" in front of a teacher within an hour. The latter's topic was "depict the most significant thing that's happened to you and explore why it was significant". At that point in my life I was fresh off various family traumas, and as I went through a mental list of my significant events, none were any I cared to share with an anonymous committee, let alone the teacher standing in front of me who would surely read it before she sent it onto the national judges. So, I picked a trivial subject, rhapsodizing about the larger ontological meaning of a scene in the just released blockbuster Superman, thinking I could salvage it, but the teacher visibly winced as she read it. I did not win the contest.

I find myself in a similar position now.

Last Tuesday, the 25th of June, my wife had a miscarriage. The baby was too young to survive and died shortly before she was born.

Today, I got laid off from my job.

The shock and weight of these recent events leaves me at a loss for some kinds of words. Posting here may be spotty for a while. However, I will eventually find my feet and my voice again; so do please check back on occasion.

Now, excuse me for a bit while I take a walk around the world to ease my troubled mind.

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