Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I'm a hyphenate!

While checking that I'd spelled "lutefisk" correctly in order to comment on D. Blowhard's post on a Lutheran pastor waxing political on the pulpit, I came across the term "Nordic-American."

Mwa-ha-ha-ha. I'm using that at every opportunity I can from now on.

I also came across "Scandinavian-American," but it just doesn't have the same ring to it.

Happily, I also encountered a few troves of Ole, Sven, and Lena jokes along the way. These are the stock characters in our Nordic-American (I love that) funnies.

Here's a little history and a couple good ones. Here's another trove (on an atheist site, oddly - usually they're quite humorless, with apologies to my atheist buddies who aren't).

And here's one of my favorites that I didn't see on either of those sites:

Ole and Sven are out hunting when Ole has to pee. "Sven," says Ole, "I'm going over here to pee." While Ole is peeing, a snake bits him on the tip of his thing.

Ole runs back to Sven holding his member yelling, "Sven! Sven! I've been bit by a snake! Go into town and ask the doctor what to do!"

So Sven goes to the doctor and asks him how to treat a snake bite. The doctor says, "Well, Sven, take out your hunting knife and cut across the bite holes like this, making an 'X', then suck the poison out, and then bring him here."

Sven goes back to Ole, and Ole says, "Sven! What did the doctor say?"

Sven says, "Ole, the doctor says you're going to die."

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