Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Baker Street

Dudes and dudettes,

I write you today to tell you of a thing of beauty, a thing of joy.

The Foo Fighters - one of my favorite groups - are now available on Amazon's MP3 store. But that's not the really good news.

The really good news is that one of the best covers ever is now available - The Foo Fighter's cover of Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street".

(Here's an edited Gerry's version on Youtube, if you wanna snag it using the method I describe in the post below. Here's the full version, but the rip is kinda quiet. Here's the Foo Fighter's on Youtube as well, if you don't mind a little lesser fidelity. The video is better on this version, though.)

Btw, Rafferty has explained that it's a song about making your living being a street-corner musician, which he did for a while.

"Winding your way down Baker Street..."

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