Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Dave Matthews Greatest Songs and Some Hits

One of the niftiest aspects to our brave new digital music world is songs can be plucked from the vine to be decanted into the perfect personal vintage. (Add metaphors to blender, press "frappe", watch English profs twitch.)

Reading the most recent "Rolling Stone" I came across this hilarious smack-down in an album review (emphasis added):

Josh Kelley - Special Company - review by Rob Sheffield

[Regarding] Josh Kelley's new album, his first since becoming Mr. Katherine Heigl ... [snip] ... [H]e sure does hambone it up, never failing to let you know he's touching a special, special lady in the right, right way. Not since Dave Matthews urged you to pull up your skirt and show him your world has there been such egregious seductive vocalizing, though even Matthews could do better than "Cheers to you, honey, because you look so money."

After I pulled myself from the puddle of tears of laughter on the floor, I ran and showed this to my wife. I love Dave Matthews, but that song "Crash" has forever been on our "most mocked" list for the lyric quoted above. There are some concepts that you just can't rescue, no matter how much you try, and "show me your pussy" in a supposed love song is pretty close to the top of that list.

Dave does eventually get it right in the song "Hunger for the Great Light," which is an unapologetic bump and grind song about sex, as opposed to the tender chords of "Crash."

So that got me to thinking that there's a pretty good swath of tunage from Dave that would make a great compilation. "Crash" is not here, of course. And, sadly, the studio version of "Best of What's Around" is not available on the MP3 site. Still, if you're a sorta fan, or a big fan, this is nice set. (Of course, if you have additions or disagreements, the comments are open.)

1. What Would You Say
3. So Damn Lucky
4. Ants Marching
5. Satellite
6. I Did It
7. Dreamgirl
8. American Baby
9. Louisiana Bayou
10. You Might Die Trying
11. Hunger for the Great Light
12. Best of What's Around

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