Wednesday, February 06, 2008

I Used to Watch the Grammys

But Cracked defines the definitive list of reasons as to why I stopped.


Anonymous said...

Well, has *any* major award, in any area, maintained a consistent record of excellence? You have griped on this blog before (and I have agreed) that the Oscars are frequently ludicrous, and the various VH1 and MTV awards seem designed to pander to flavor-of-the-month acts.

But here's the rub: just suppose, for the sake of argument, that you started your own music award, the Yahms; and suppose, for the sake of wild flights of fancy, that millions of people actually paid attention to the Yahms; top-tier artists vie for your attention, celebrities come to the Yahm award show in black-tie and evening-gown attire with paparazzi at the door, and major networks broadcast it. Every year, for several decades. At the end of that run, would Cracked (or their cultural successors) be able to parody any of the Yahm winners?

It's much easier for the folks in the peanut gallery.


yahmdallah said...

Ah, ya got me.

However, here's how I would put it in a nutshell.

I think that I became irrelevant to the Oscars. I'm a middle-aged guy, after all.

But, I think the Grammy became irrelevant to music, not even coming remotely close to rewarding who should be honored. I think the Oscars at least come somewhat close.