Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Do Scientologists yell "Thomas H. Cruise!" when they stub their toe?

If not, apparently they should start. Someone in the "church" has declared him to be their Jesus.

If you sit very quietly, you can actually hear his publicist screaming.

Of course the comments on Digg are a snort. (I stole the title from one of the jokes.)

And whilst hunting down the reports on this - heh - revelation, I discovered this gem: Jenna Elfman got all up in the guy's grill for his t-shirt that said Scientology is so gay. I wonder how insulted gay groups must feel over the shirt; I mean, what a slam.

I was also thinking, if Scientology can get itself recognized as a religion for tax purposes, certainly the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster should be able to. Wouldn't that be a hoot?


The Opinionated Homeschooler said...

BTW, just 'cause this stuff irks me, the first article is incorrect in saying TomKat "held a Catholic blessing later." They held a private blessing ceremony in Italy, but it wasn't Catholic.

In fact it was apparently something of a disaster in their attempt to gussy it up to seem Catholic: the singer they hired to sing Ave Maria refused when she found out it wasn't an actual Catholic service; and the local parish priest had the church bells rung discordantly as a protest of the mock "Catholic" wedding.

As a matter of detail, you can't have a mere Catholic blessing of a marriage: unlike Protestant or secular (e.g. Justice of the Peace) weddings, the officiating priest doesn't perform the ceremony. The couple administer the sacrament to each other, and the priest's only function is to bless it. So a Catholic blessing of a marriage is, in fact, a Catholic marriage. Which TomKat, for about a dozen reasons, didn't qualify for.

Of course, if Cruise really is the Messiah (PBUH), he don't need no stinkin' rubrics, and I suppose can darn well give himself a Catholic blessing if he wants. But can he create a rock too heavy for himself to lift?

yahmdallah said...

I think it would be his ego that he has a hard time lifting every day.