Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Some trivia

Apparently they're going to make a new Star Trek movie that centers around the original crew prior to their "going where no man has gone before" (to which my eldest daughter gleefully screams, "The ladies room!", thereby making the joke officially multi-generational).

Anyway, the EW article announcing this shows this picture.

Now, Scotty was not a lefty, so why is he holding his phaser in his left hand? Well, they hid it entirely during the series, but Doohan was missing the middle finger of his right hand from a WWII battle injury. It's kinda fun watching the old series and seeing all the gyrations they go through to not show that hand.

Maybe that's why Scotty could always get things done so quickly; he only had to count to nine when everyone else had to go on to ten.


Anonymous said...

The ready quip that Doohan kept trotting out re: his most visible war wound was, "I gave Hitler the finger."

As for Abrams' approach, I suppose you can colour me curious, if not quite cautiously optimistic. I doubt he can fuck things up as thoroughly as Berman and Braga did with "Enterprise". Sheesh, what a steaming, stinking turd...

Yahmdallah said...

I couldn't agree more re Berman and Braga. I mean, they had already fucked up the previous Trek incarnation, and then they were given another shot! From the second the overwrought Michael Bolton-esque theme song offended my ears, I knew they had completely messed it up. When the dog appeared, I just hung my head.