Friday, January 19, 2007

Salty Egg Vegetable Sponge Liver Pig Soup

Oh, this is a gem.

Digg dug it up.

Some commenters began to call BS on it as a fake, but then a prof. of Chinese pipes up and 'splains how they really are direct literal translations using a current Chinese to English dictionary that includes modern slang. S/he reports:

"The problem here is that the word 'gan' means both 'to dry' and 'to do,' and the latter meaning has come to mean 'to fuck.' Unfortunately, the recent proliferation of Colloquial English dictionaries in China means people choose the vulgar translation way too often, on the grounds that it's colloquial. Last summer I was in a spiffy modern supermarket in Taiyuan whose dried-foods aisle was helpfully labeled 'Assorted Fuck.'"

Y'know, I've not seen any aisle in my local Walmart labeled thus, but some certainly should be.

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