Thursday, January 25, 2007

Ya ever wonder...

...if the music industry has any freakin' idea how to sell music?

According to this article, they're blocking songs made in Japan from American consumers. The hell?

"No, you can't have the song you want!" Is this the direction the music industry feels is right and good? And I bet they still wonder why they're tanking.

I also like the point of Japan being a nirvana for music geeks.

I've probably never made a more embarrassing admission on the web about my vast and eclectic musical tastes than the one I'm about to make.

I really really wanted a replacement to the soundtrack from the Robby Benson bassetball movie One on One after the old cassette tape I had gave out. Any given song from the much loathed High School Musical has more hair on its balls than this entire soundtrack, being the product of Paul Williams and Seals & Crofts, but dammit I liked it. However, not a single print was available in America. A buddy of mine was living in Japan at the time and came across it in a record store over there and snagged it for me.

And, if they have the soundtrack to One on One, they will have anything.

I can't wait till the walls come down and Japanese, Eastern Europe and such flood the U.S. market. The American music scene will be overwhelmed and the last noise you hear as it goes down will be (to steal the phrase from David Foster Wallace): "like a goat drowning in something viscous." But that will be a happy sound because it will only mean that American music will resurrect as something better than it is now.

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