Sunday, October 12, 2008

Above all, remember this

As you go to vote in a couple weeks, check out "In the Real World" for Number 1 on this list and keep it in mind:
6 Horrible Lessons Hollywood Loves to Teach Kids

Let me vouch for this one. I've learned it in spades.

We had a group of assholes leave our business a while ago (to go somewhere else and torture them), and the change it made was dramatic.

Matter of fact, hunt down this great PBS/National Geographic special that was on recently. Basically, all the alpha male/asshole members of the tribe died because they ate tainted food (which they got first, of course) and the nicer males were left, which changed the dynamic of the group. So, from that point forward, when jerk males from other tribes would come by and try to dominate, this tribe wouldn't have it, so the new males would chill out and adapt. They all ended up healthier and lived longer, better lives.

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