Friday, October 03, 2008

Evil Right-wing Conspiracy, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the MILF

A conservative, namely Kathleen Parker, finally notices that wingnut conservatives are kind of mean and nasty (and dangerous) if you disagree with them.

I know someone (a Democrat) who wanted to run for a local office, but essentially Democrats are shut out of the process where I live. So this person started going to Republican meetings, with the very person whose office she hoped to be elected to when her term limit kicked in, too see if she could justify changing parties. During the meeting, they were discussing a Democratic candidate who was actually giving them a run for their money, so someone in the audience stood and suggested - with all seriousness - that they have them killed. No one even blinked. Granted, no one agreed. But then no one pointed out that it was immoral, not to mention illegal, to murder someone.

When we have been given various Democratic signs and stuff to put in our yard for the last election and this one, we were told to put them close to our house or a tree so that folks don't drive into our yard and run them over, which had happened a lot around town. Democrats don't do that kind of crap.

The news media is finally realizing that they need to report possible wrong doing and other assorted problems related to the government and other powerful organization rather than hoping for yet another clam shot from Britney ... or they are now getting their guts back because the current oppressive admin is on the way out. Who knows. Anyway, CBS notices the Republicans are messing with voter registrations. AGAIN. I keep wondering why some legislative/governing/oversight body isn't doing something about this. Why should one party have to police the other?

This one might require a gram of sodium chloride: FBI Prevents Agents from Telling 'Truth' About 9/11 on PBS. Between that and an article I read recently where it was asserted that our military actually had Osama in their sights and asked to take him out, but were told to stand down and so he escaped into Pakistan - this was before the drive to the Iraq war had begun, so presumably the admin purposely let him go so they could have their war - I sometimes wonder just how freakin' evil the boys and girls on capitol hill are. (And I take that second article - the "they let him go" one - with a grain, too, because why would they ask permission to kill the very guy they were sent to kill?)

Then, there's this.

Folks were saying we were all set up for Bush baby to declare martial law right before the election, and for some it was just a matter of what would arise that would (even just barely) justify it. Well, here ya go.

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