Friday, October 31, 2008

A gem from a gem

I, for one, was bummed when Roger Ebert appeared to be destined for eternity. Now that he's narrowly escaped that fate, his writing - which was always stellar - just got that much better.

He talks about that here on his fantastic blog, which if you've not read, you're missing out.

Anyway, the last sentence in this excerpt made me literally LOL, so I had to share it with ya.

Kevin Smith [snip] believes [snip] that it's funny to shock people with four-letter words and enough additional vulgarisms to fill out a crossword puzzle.

This is sort of endearing. It gives his potty-mouth routines a certain freshness; we've heard these words over and over again, but never so many of them so closely jammed together. If you bleeped this movie for broadcast TV, it would sound like a conga line of Iron Men going through a metal detector.

(My emPHASis added.)

The source.

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