Friday, October 10, 2008

Ya wonder...

Went to a class lately for work (updating the skills, etc.), and have two observations that are neither here nor there, but, well sometimes randomness isn't random.

One of the women in the class is from either India or the Middle East; couldn't quite determine which because she didn't talk much.

What was odd about her is that she put her name sticker (which we were all required to wear) directly on the tip of her right breast. When she did it the first day, I thought it might have been an oversight or cultural cluelessness, and maybe she hadn't seen that most people put them over their heart.

But she did it again the next day.

So my only question: Was she trying to get guys to look right at her boobs on purpose? Trolling for a BF/GF? (As I also noticed she wasn't wearing a wedding ring.)

The other person was such a stereotype that when I saw her my first thought was, "Gad, she looks like an ad for "Burning Man." Sure enough, when she hoisted her coffee for a sip later, it was a Burning Man travel mug. (Though, counter to the type, she WAS wearing a wedding ring.)

And that's all I have to say about that.

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