Monday, October 20, 2008

I've gotta stop reading rock bios.

I recently said some snarky stuff about Lindsey Buckingham, so when I accidentally happed across a tell-all penned by Buckingham's girlfriend during the famous years, Storms: My Life with Lindsey Buckingham and Fleetwood Mac, I thought I'd have the perfect peek into his (and their) life(ves). (And, I'd have the big groups/people covered, U2, Led Zep, the Eagles, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell (hell most of the CA rock scene) and now Fleetwood Mac.)

Wow. What a bastard. He may be a musical genius, but what a prick. He physically abused her several times, grabbing her hair while she was standing next to his car in the driveway and driving away, dragging her a few feet in the process, leaving strangle marks on her neck, and punching her so hard her that face bounced off the opposite car window.

So, as with the Eagles, knowing some of the crap behavior behind the scenes has tainted the music for me. Such as: I used to think "Second Hand News" was about mixing together breaking up and masturbation metaphors, I now wonder if it's also about smacking your girlfriend around a little bit.

One interesting note, though. Since this was written by Buckingham's girlfriend, Carol Ann Harris, you can imagine the perspective she had on Stevie Nicks (Buckingham's recent ex at the time). It was like reading a high school confidential, with all the eye-rolling hen pecking you'd expect. Meh.

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