Wednesday, July 09, 2008


Having just read the new Palahniuk (and becoming smug that I know how to spell his name without looking it up anymore), I happed across the advertising campaign for the latest film made from his work: Choke.

Here's the preview. Looks hilarious. I've made an MP3 of the melanoma joke for use on a future CD, even.

If you want to watch a clear copy, go here to the official site. (Studios need to grasp the concept of embedding, which is a great form of viral marketing. Why does this even need to be explained?)

There's a prevalence of group therapy scenes in Palahniuk's work, and it figured into the great Infinite Jest too (read the excerpt here). This is just gotta be someone's sr. thesis waiting to happen.

Sam Rockwell has become one of those actors whose movies I will search out. He's such an everyschmuck, and it's cool to see him do so well. His role as the doomed redshirt in Galaxy Quest is classic.

Can't wait to see it.

Oh, and here's Rockwell (and the guy who plays the Macintosh in the Apple commercials) in a cute short about Robin (of "Batman and") going on a date.

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