Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Joe Bob Briggs, Where Are You?

I'm sure someone will set me straight on this (meaning they'll tell me exactly how I've gotten it wrong), but last night on the news they reported that they've hired the Colorado Springs police dept. (or more accurately, their "overflow" and "off duty" officers) as the security for the Democratic convention here in Denver.

So, they've hired the police force from one of the most renowned right-wing cites in all of America to police the left wing's biggest party?

This isn't going to go well folks.

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Anonymous said...

That's cold, man.

I thought we had it bad here in St. Paul - by the hysteria that's being generated, you'd think Lenin has been reanimated and is massing an army to snuff out all in attendance at the RNC. We have this evil sea-hag of a commentator in the local paper that's convinced the "anarchists" will take over the country. All this because protest groups are bitching about not being allowed to march within a mile of the convention center. A MILE!!!

The song that immediately comes to mind: 'Up against the wall, redneck mother(fucker)s.'